“I am a local business man in the Karns area. I believe the government should be run like a business, with accountability and integrity.” While I served Knoxville as a State representative, I always tried to remember these values when I voted.

I was born the fifth child in a military family. My family was reassigned to numerous places, and when my father retired from the Army in 1972 we relocated to Houston, TX. After high school, I graduated from The University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration and History Education. I also have earned a lifetime teaching degree from the State of Texas.

I began my career in 1988 with Farmers Insurance as a claims adjuster and I later moved into Commercial management supervising 5 offices across the state of Texas. In 1996, I moved to Knoxville, TN to manage a claims office. I was later awarded the opportunity to become an agency owner in 1999.

In 2007 I became an educator with Kaplan Financial. Since 2007 I have trained over 3,000 agents and customer service representatives to become insurance agents in the state of Tennessee and Georgia.

I have been elected the president of the Greater Karns Business Association twice. I have hosted the Karns Fair from 2003 to 2015. I have also been a member of the Karns High School Foundation working to raise private funds to improve education and the Karns Volunteer Fire Department board.

I have coordinated numerous beautification projects and trash pick-ups around the Karns community to help make Karns a better place to live.


  • A New Direction

    • Roger Kane supports community service and sincerely believes that giving back to the community is essential for our future together.

    • He believes that when you have more than you need, you should always give to help others.

    • He believes that it is through education that we develop technology and expand our growth.

    • Being a small business owner himself, Roger supports opportunities for new start ups and encourages growth opportunities for existing businesses.

  • Economy and Jobs

    • While in the Legislature, Roger supported an environment which maximized job growth. He supported a reduction in governmental regulations on independent and small business with in the State.

    • Roger believes in worker’s rights and that the common man or blue-collar worker is the backbone and heartbeat of America.

    • Just like he took on excessive regulation in Nashville, he wants to do the same thing in Knoxville. He carried a bill to allow auto owners to register their vehicles every two years instead of the current one-year renewal. This bill would save multiple trips to the County Clerk’s office saving the tax payer time and effort.

    • He has been researching self-serve kiosks which could be place in local malls and businesses to expand hours of operation without costing the tax payer more in payroll.

    • He cosponsored a bill to eliminate TDEC emissions testing which is linked to auto registrations and costs Tennesseans millions in unnecessary repairs and inspection fees.

  • Education

    • Roger supports educational reforms that would restore control of the classroom to the teachers. As a former teacher, Roger understands the burden which state regulations can put on educators. He believes we have to do better in Reading comprehension as a state. Those who are not ready to advance, should not be forced to just to make a quota or show an inflated progress report for the schools. Reading is that important and all efforts must be put forth to make sure every child achieves success.

    • Roger believes that it is through education that we develop technology and expand our growth. This all starts with our children grasping basic math and science concepts and experiences our world through hands on education. Technology can assist but should not be the baby sitter for our children’s education.

    • I believe education never stops. I am in my fourth class at UTK in the Masters Program because I never feel I have time to stop learning.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    • The County Clerk’s office, is the first time many citizens of Knoxville come into contact with their local government and I want to make sure it is a great experience. From the first hello, to the last financial transaction, I want to make sure that a premier experience is had by all.

    • I support a balanced budget at both the State and local level. As your next County Clerk, my staff and I make you a promise: “Get it right the first time and watch every dollar coming in and going out”.

    • I believe government offices should be run at the highest efficiency levels possible to increase productivity while working for the people and cutting costs to tax payers. I will do a top to bottom review of current programs and processes to make sure every tax dollar is being used to its best advantage.

    • Technology must be leveraged to control the cost of governing, but a smiling human face is invaluable.

  • New District Projects

    • As County Clerk, my office is the first place most residents visit and the most frequent. The customer service experience must be exceptional. As your next Knox County Clerk, I will complete a top to bottom review of all services and activities to make sure you get what you are paying for. I will actively be monitoring all transactions to make that efficiency and effectiveness are always paramount to you the customer.

    • Technology can be helpful, but nothing compares to great customer service provided by knowledgeable and competent staff. I will encourage all my staff to be proficient in current state statute and will strive to keep confusing regulations at bay through education.

    • I’ll strive every day to address any short comings you may encounter and my door and phone are always open to you the citizen.



    • Step 1

      Register to vote

      Before you can vote, you have to register to vote. Each state has a different deadline for voter registration, but in most states, you need to register at least 30 days before the election.

    • Step 2

      Find out where to vote

      You'll receive your polling place information in the mail after you register. Polling places can change at the last minute, so be sure to double-check it right before Election Day.

    • Step 3

      Become an educated voter

      Stay informed with the local news to learn more about the candidates and issues that are important to you.

    • Step 4

      Mark your calendar for the upcoming election day and VOTE!


    • What should I bring with me to my polling place

      A photo ID is required when you vote.

      The photo ID law does not apply to voters in nursing homes, or voters eligible to cast an emergency absentee ballot due to hospitalization. Free non-driver photo ID cards are available through the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles to any applicant who signs an affidavit stating that he/she does not have a valid government-issued photo ID, is a registered voter in Tennessee, and needs the ID for voting purposes. The photo ID requirements apply to early voting as well. The photo ID law does not apply to absentee voters. First-time voters must vote in person.

      Acceptable Photo ID

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